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Creating New Avenues for Recovery

At NDx, we understand that you have many questions such as, β€œIs my current treatment enough?” To give you every available treatment option we partner with many research organizations working to develop newer and more effective approaches. To better inform you about the available options, we would like to share common questions about clinical trials:

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are conducted by doctors and medical personnel to add to medical knowledge related to the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases or conditions. They are the primary way that researchers find out if a new treatment is safe and effective.

Why should I participate? 

  • To be involved in potentially life changing treatment for your health problem.
  • Assist in the development of new medical therapies that may offer better treatments and cures for life-threatening and chronic diseases.
  • Receive regular and quality medical care at no charge.

What are the potential benefits of clinical trials?

  • You may get a new treatment before it is available to everyone.
  • You can have a more active role in your own health care – this includes more frequent health check-ups as part of your treatment.
  • Your participation allows others to get a better treatment for their health problems in the future.

What are the potential risks of clinical trials?

  • The new treatment may not work, or it may not be better than the standard treatment.
  • You may be part of the control group, which means you get the standard treatment or a no-treatment placebo.
  • Clinical trials can be time consuming or inconvenient. For example, medical appointments could take several hours or you might need to travel to multiple sites.

Are there side effects?

Like many drugs, there is a potential to experience unwanted side effects. Please speak with the research staff or your physician about possible side effects.

Where can I learn more information about clinical trials or specific studies?

It is very important to be educated about all aspects of the clinical trial you may be participating in. Please contact a member of the Neurology Diagnostics Research team with any questions about our clinical trials. To do this quickly, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page. General information about clinical trials can also be found online on

Other questions to ask...

  • What is being studied?
  • Why do researchers believe the intervention being tested might be effective?
  • Who will know which intervention I receive during the trial?
  • How do the possible risks, side effects, and benefits of this trial compare with those of my current treatment?
  • What tests and procedures are involved?
  • How often will I have to visit the hospital or clinic?
  • How long will the study last?
  • If I benefit from the intervention, will I be allowed to continue receiving it after the trial ends?
  • Will results of the study be provided to me?

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