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Neurologic Diagnosis Specialist

Neurology Diagnostics, Inc.

Adult Neurology & Electrodiagnostic Medicine located in South Dayton, Dayton, OH

If you have symptoms such as uncontrollable muscle spasms, problems thinking clearly, and loss of muscle strength, you need answers, and a neurologic diagnosis can provide them. If you're experiencing issues like these, Joel Vandersluis, MD, and his team at Neurology Diagnostics, Inc. in North and South Dayton, Ohio, can help. They provide rapid assessment of your results if you're consulting the practice, or you can undergo these tests without having a consultation if you wish. The Neurology Diagnostics, Inc. team has considerable expertise in neurologic diagnosis, so call one of their offices today or book an appointment using the online form.

Neurologic Diagnosis Q & A

What is neurologic diagnosis?

Neurologic diagnosis is a process that aims to find out why you're experiencing specific symptoms.

A neurologic diagnosis starts with a consultation where your provider at Neurology Diagnostics, Inc. reviews your medical history in detail. You will be asked to describe your symptoms and answer questions about your general health, lifestyle, and family medical history. This is followed by a physical exam emphasizing your neurologic function.

To confirm a neurologic diagnosis or rule out possible causes, you may need to undergo certain tests. The practice has comprehensive testing facilities onsite, so the process of neurologic diagnosis is convenient and produces fast results.

The tests you need vary according to what might be wrong, but three of the main diagnostic tests for neurological disorders are EEG, EMG, and ultrasound.

What is an EEG?

An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a painless test that shows normal and abnormal brain activity. The EEG readings highlight patterns that suggest cognitive impairment (encephalopathy) or the possibility of seizures.

For the test, you have 22 small metal discs (electrodes) pasted onto your scalp. You may need to hyperventilate by breathing through your mouth more deeply and quickly than you would normally. You might also have to look at a strobe light flashing at different speeds for a brief time.

In addition to in-office testing, Neurology Diagnostics, Inc. offers overnight digital EEG services. These take about 90 minutes to set up, and then you leave wearing a lightweight monitor. The monitor collects information about your brain activity as you go about your day and overnight.

What is neurologic ultrasound?

Ultrasound technologies use high-frequency sound waves to create moving images of internal organs and tissues. High-resolution ultrasound is an excellent noninvasive tool for looking at blood flow to your brain. There are two key types of neurologic ultrasound in use at Neurology Diagnostics, Inc.:

Transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD)

TCD enables your neurologist to examine the circulation deep in your brain, helping to assess your risk of having a stroke.

Carotid ultrasound (CUS)

CUS provides images of the carotid artery, which supplies blood to your brain. The test takes 30 minutes or so and just involves having a probe on the side of your neck.

What is electromyography?

Electromyography (EMG) provides essential information about the health and function of your nerves and muscles. EMG tests are especially useful in evaluating weakness or tingling and in diagnosing problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and neck and back pain.

The electromyography device uses a tiny needle to check your muscle function. Another part of the procedure is nerve conduction velocity (NCV) testing, during which you receive small shocks to measure the function of nerves in your arms or legs.

An EMG takes about 45-60 minutes.

Throughout the neurologic diagnosis process, you see the same doctor at each visit, which is rarely the case in larger practices. Find out more by calling Neurology Diagnostics, Inc. today, or you can book an appointment online.